Physiotherapy is a health care profession rooted in movement sciences. We work hard to rehabilitate and enhance a multitude of the body’s systems. Our initial diagnosis process and personalized care programs ensure a sustained recovery. Between 8 incredibly talented physios, we offer specializations in many areas of physiotherapy, including:

    • Sports Performance Enhancement & Rehabilitation
    • Orthopaedics (dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles)
    • Cardiorespiratory (relating to the action of both heart and lungs)
    • Soft Tissue Therapy
    • Joint Mobility
    • Exercise Therapy
    • Muscle Imbalances
    • Musculoskeletal (dealing with the musculature and skeleton together)
    • Neurosciences (dealing with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain.)

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

We treat a broad spectrum of athletes from a variety of sports. We treat athletes through all phases of their recovery from acute early accurate diagnosis care to thorough return to play preparation.

Regardless of the degree or nature of your injury, our personalized rehabilitation programs ensure that you recover to the best of your ability. Our exercise programs help you recover and strengthen so as to minimize further injury. Our staff are sports enthusiasts and they understand what it’s like to sit on the bench with a sprained ankle! You can trust us to help you get back to kicking, running, diving, or twirling as quickly and safely as possible.

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Performance Enhancement
Performance Enhancement
With our large gym and specialized equipment, we can measure and document an array of techniques and intervals. We use this information in addition to our initial physical assessments to design individual programs to help athletes and sports teams maximize their performance potential and minimize their injury risk.
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Custom Orthotics
Custom Orthotics

We prescribe and fit custom orthotics to address a number of foot and lower limb mechanical problems. The orthotics can be manufactured to fit almost any type of footwear including dress shoes, running shoes, soccer boots, work boots and ski boots.

A thorough biomechanical assessment is performed by a Registered Physiotherapist prior to plaster cast moulds being made of your feet.

The orthotics are then fabricated in a Canadian lab with specific instructions from the treating physiotherapist.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the practice of applying varying pressures to soft tissue, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Massage therapy can be used to help heal injuries, manage pain, improve circulation, and relieve tension. Our two wonderful registered massage therapists are often incorporated into personalized rehabilitation programs created by our physiotherapists. Massage therapy is practiced in one of our specialized rooms to ensure absolute relaxation and tranquility.

Concussion Management
Concussion Management

KCP offers comprehensive and individualized post-concussion assessment and management that is safe and effective. This may include:

    • Manual therapy for the cervical spine (neck)
    • Vestibular rehabilitation
    • Vision rehabilitation
    • Concussion education
    • Pacing and planning education
    • Balance retraining
    • Graduated return to school/work
    • Graduated return to exercise and sport specific preparation for return to play

    Be reassured that our concussion management is based on current research and follows the most recent Zurich International Consensus Statement on Concussion guidelines.

    We also offer baseline testing to determine an athlete’s “normal” performance for a variety of physical and cognitive tests. Should the athlete suffer a concussion their post-concussion assessment findings can be compared to their baseline results. This can guide their treatment and provide the physiotherapist with objective measures to assist in preparing the athlete for return to play.

    Click HERE to download a Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool.

Vestibular Info
Kings Cross Physio offers:

    • In-depth assessment of dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders including vestibular system dysfunction
    • Treatment of BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo)
    • Fall risk assessment
    • Fall prevention programs
    • Safe and individualized treatment programs that may include:

      – Maneuvers to reposition crystals within the inner ear
      – Specific vestibular and vision exercises
      – Balance training
      – Education
      – Manual therapy of the cervical spine